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Buying a Solar System

what to be careful about...

You should avoid companies that use high-pressure selling techniques,such as:

*Claiming limited availability of a specific offer

*Offering high initial price followed by a serious discount

*Offering a discount upon signing on the very day

Last but not least-always read the fine prints!

Financial incentives

Generally,to get access to any kind of incentives(subsidies) available for solar system owners have to installed solar system by a certified PV installing company

On grid solar power plant is composed of solar panels, PV inverter, and net energy meter. Solar panels produce dc electricity which is converted into ac electricity by PV Inverter, then it is utilised by household. If electricity is not being utilised, surplus is exported to grid, on other hand any deficit is automatically fulfilled by Discom. Net energy meter records surplus and deficit and billing is done on that basis.

About 7 sq.m (70sqft) area is required to set up 1 kWp grid connected rooftop solar system. for ex installation of 5 KW system will require 35 sq .(350 sqft) m south facing shadow free area.

There are two subsidies available on On grid solar system-(1) State Govt. Subsidy-Rs.30000 Flat (2) 40% of Benchmark cost upto  3 Kw, plus 20% above 3 kw upto 10 kw. Benchmark cost is determined by MNRE and State Nodal Agencies.

Solar Panels come with 25 years Performance warranty. On Average  its life is estimated to be around 35 years.