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The Best Investment with healthy Financial return & environmental  benefits.

Go for solar with us.Fetching almost 35-45% Return On Investment with a short span of 2-3 Yrs,Pay-Back-Period

Apart from financial return solar energy it is also cost effective & efficient to use.Some of the features of consumption of solar energy are as under*-

Reduces Electricity Bills..!
Diverse Applications..!
Low Maintenance Costs..!
Technology Development..!
Weather Dependent..!
Energy source is free of the concern of enviromental effect. 

To go or not go solar-that is the question !

Why would you need a solar electric system ?
Normally,you would need a solar electric system :
*If buying such system is more cost effective than connecting to utility power line.
*To increase your power security
*To avoid any future electricity price increase
*To add value to your real estate property
*As a more reliable solution-no moving parts and less maintainance,As a combination with other types of electricity generating system
*As a passion for an amazing technology
*To contribute to reducing air pollution and preserve tha Eath's fuel resources taht are running out.

 What are the main application of solar electric system ?

Here are the main application of Solar electric system : 

Water Pumping


Refrigeration for medical,commercial and household uses

Industrial Uses

Utility grids producing electricity

Household appliances-Ventilation fans,coolers,TV sets,stereos,etc.

We are the

We are working in this diversified energy resource since last 3.5 years,with high degree of consumer satisfaction,timely installation of plants,subsidy reimbursement by MNRE in collabaration with UPNEDA and all tasks performed by  respective experts.